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All information and materials presented on the Gibraltar Geoportal have been prepared for the purposes of sharing and exchanging geospatial data.


A new tool has been included with the latest INSPIRE update.

The OAR Search Tool enables the user to perform a powerful search over the entire Official Gibraltar Address register (more than 32000 addresses).

You can perform any address search from the web, following these easy steps:

1. Press in the search icon (binoculars symbol) SearchIcon , then type an address following this syntax:

[flat_reference] [building/state] [number] [street name]

You can use * as a wildcard.


  • 7 Cedar Lodge Montagu Garden
  • 16 Library Street
  • *Library Street*

2. Press “Search” bottom to obtain the results

You can navigate within the map in every result. You can also export to an excel file.

The results are limited to 50 per search.

We hope you find this feature useful.